What “Kind” of Mormon am I?

Intrigued by her post My Lifelong Wrestle With Mormonism I decided to go and see what Kate’s blog relationshiprefinery.com was all about. To my delight I discovered she had written a follow up post explaining the back story to the aforementioned one. Within its paragraphs I find the principles of discovering our rust and cleaning it out bit by little bit explained in a beautifully personal and real way. As she does so she also chronicles one of the many ways in which we can allow that rust to grow in the first place. I am grateful to have discovered this post and feel blessed to read in its words someone experiencing some of the same rust I feel I’ve been working through in the last few years. I’m so glad to know I’m not alone in feeling these things.

The Russty Mormon Project would be incomplete if I did not also include in its annals a reblog of the companion post to My Lifelong Wrestle With Mormonism. And so I present to you a real-life experience of one individual devoted to Christ recognizing the rust in their own faith and choosing to battle it in order to restore herself to the shiny faithful follower she wants to be.

Relationship Refinery

When I wrote “My Lifelong Wrestle With Mormonism,” up to that time I had been writing for an audience made up of my friends, my parents, and nine and a half “extended friends”, give or take.

Imagine my surprise when I spent the next few weeks flooded with messages from every avenue social media has to offer, from people across the spectrum of Mormonism, members of many other religions, and a surprising number of Atheists. 95% were very supportive and kind, and none were hateful or antagonistic.

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My Lifelong Wrestle With Mormonism

Every artist faces the same challenge: Create art that is meaningful, powerful, speaks to others and – most importantly – speaks the depths of one’s soul. And so we embark on that journey to create art that communicates what our soul longs to express. On this journey we create a lot of art – practicing, learning, developing, perfecting. Every work is always a “masterpiece” in its own right, until we land ourselves on one of those personal projects we feel we can really devote ourselves to. “It’s gonna be the greatest thing ever!” we think as we move forward with the project.

Until one day you’re just perusing life and you get slapped in the face with a piece of someone else’s art that not only addresses the same thing this “incredible project” is meant to, but does it way better than any of your finest laid plans could ever hope to achieve.

Such was the case when I ran across this post by Kate in her Relationship Refinery blog. I love this post! The more I read of it the more it seemed familiar to me. And then I realized I had found exactly what I have been trying to create in a much more concise, simple, and direct way than I could ever hope to do.

And so I willingly and gladly share with you all the essence of what it means to clear away all our rust and get to the core of our faith as discovered and written by Kate!

Relationship Refinery

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Since I’ve at times been grumpy, unhelpful, the bad kind of opinionated, and wrong about things, I haven’t felt like I’m the right person, in the right moment, with the right amount of faithfulness to be the giver of the things I’ll discuss below.
I’m not a theologian or doctrine ninja. I’m not extremely well-versed in scripture and I haven’t always been on the straight and narrow path.

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The Measuring Stick

The standard unit of measure in the eternities is not arbitrary and does not change on a whim. It remains as it is and was, a constant whereby anyone in any period of Earth's history can compare themselves to see how they measure up.

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