Rebranding Russty

After my last post (What’s In A Name?) I put a lot of thought into new names for A Russty Mormon.  I even sent out a request for ideas on Facebook and got a couple.  So here’s the survey.  Which would you choose?

  • A Russty Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • A Russty Christian
  • Just Russty
  • Russty
  • A Russty Saint
  • A Russty World
  • Russty’s World
  • Russty World
  • A Russty Follower of Christ
  • Latter Day Rust
  • Russty Latter Days
  • Russty In the Latter Days
  • Russty’s Faith
  • Faith And Rust
  • Rust In Faith
  • Russty Faith
  • Russty In Christ
  • Russty At Following Christ

Please weigh in on which you like best by responding below!  If none of these strike your fancy, please take a stab at it yourself!  Suggestions are welcome!

And in advance – Much thanks for your help in finding a new Russty home!

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