The Russty Tool Kit

Anyone who has ever attempted a fixer upper around the house knows you can’t accomplish a project without the right tools.  Or any tools at all for that matter.  It just doesn’t go too far without them.

Our project needs tools too.  But these tools don’t come in metric or imperial measurements.  They don’t come in bottles or cardboard boxes.  They come in the form of words.  And fortunately for us all we don’t have to rely on me to provide them.  Our tools come from a loving Heavenly Father who wants nothing more than to clean the rust off each and every one of His children.

The basic tools in The Russty Tool Kit are the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and the messages from its leaders given every six months in its general church conferences.

And like every other tool kit, sometimes we need different sized or shaped versions of the tools we already have to take care of that really tricky situation in front of us.  Sometimes I have to reach outside the scope of knowledge which comes from our scriptures to better comprehend the subjects at hand, and I have no fear of doing so.  It is likely I will do that within these pages for I recognize there are resources outside of the Church from which we can learn how to come closer to God and how to clean the rust from our lives.

And so I link to them here.  Some of them include links to other translations of the Bible.  Some of them include other people’s blogs.  These blogs may even include authors who are friends from another faith than my own.  Some include dictionaries and other reference materials, like Wikipedia.  And some of them include the writings of men and women who are far smarter than I which are written to support and substantiate the teachings and beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

May you find the means in The Russty Tool Kit to draw closer to that God and Savior who stand ever ready to take you in and heal the damage caused by the rust which has developed in your life.

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