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As described in The Russty Follower of Christ Project this site is about building our faith in God, Jesus Christ, and their wonderful plan of happiness. There are many facets to doing so, each one a separate face of a gemstone we are trying to discover and refine. Some days we may need to learn more about Jesus and His doctrine. Some days we may need to focus on our belief in the Book of Mormon or the Bible as the word of God. And some days we may just have a burning question that we need answered.

Each of these and limitless other subjects can be addressed individually and in their own way, and The Russty Follower of Christ Project is an effort to do so. As a result the posts to this site may seem random and out of sync with each other as I address each subject in an organic way and timing. And because each subject may have a format better suited to it than is used for the others each post may look drastically different from the preceeding ones. If you’re just following the blog role this will likely seem very eratic, but with a little bit of organization we can help it make a whole lot more sense!

So to help this site have a little more continuity for all of you who follow it I am also categorizing each post by subject and linking them all together. Each of the subjects here is intended to be a page devoted to one of the many facets involved in our faith and its growth and development. Each page contains links to various posts that apply to, or were specifically written to fit into the thread designed for that subject.

In other words, as a project I have identified key elements that I would like to address. Each element has its own way and pattern for being addressed and these pages help to provide some continuity for the otherwise random and perhaps confusing order posts made to The Russty Follower of Christ Project.

Happy reading!

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