About Russty

I’m Russty.  I’ve lived a few places in my life and visited a few more.  I’ve met people from nearly every culture and place the world has to offer.  I’m probably still missing a few, but I figure by the end of my life I’ll probably get those last couple notches on my belt as well.  So it all equalizes itself out eventually.

In all my journeys and adventures I have learned this simple truth: People are people.  And we all just want to be loved, respected and understood.  And that’s part of why I started this blog.  But that’s part of a different page’s info.

We all have a bit of rust on us, shaping and warping our world view, and affecting the way the world sees us.  And I’m no different.  It’s my hope through this project to clean a little more of it off.  Off you.  Off me.  And off of the world in which we live.

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