Abiding Precepts – Jacob 5

Read the full chapter here: Jacob 5

Passage #1

And it came to pass that the master of the vineyard saw it, and he said unto his servant: It grieveth me that I should lose this tree; wherefore, go and pluck the branches from a wild olive tree, and bring them hither unto me; and we will pluck off those main branches which are beginning to wither away, and we will cast them into the fire that they may be burned.

Jacob 5:5

Precept #1

Let the Lord remove and destroy those things in your mind and soul which are causing you to wither away and die – spiritually, emotionally, intellectually.

Do you know which beliefs and practices you have that are keeping you from thriving before God and which may actually be killing your soul? Are you willing to let Him take them away?

Passage #2

But behold, the wild branches have grown and have overrun the roots thereof; and because that the wild branches have overcome the roots thereof it hath brought forth much evil fruit; and because that it hath brought forth so much evil fruit thou beholdest that it beginneth to perish; and it will soon become ripened, that it may be cast into the fire, except we should do something for it to preserve it. . . .

And it came to pass that the servant said unto his master: Is it not the loftiness of thy vineyard—have not the branches thereof overcome the roots which are good? And because the branches have overcome the roots thereof, behold they grew faster than the strength of the roots, taking strength unto themselves. Behold, I say, is not this the cause that the trees of thy vineyard have become corrupted?

Jacob 5:37, 48

Precept #2

Don’t let your intelligence take strength from and overpower your testimony. Don’t think yourself better or more important than you are.

How do you nourish your testimony of God and His work to match the knowledge and learning you gain from life?

Passage #3

And it came to pass that the Lord of the vineyard wept, and said unto the servant: What could I have done more for my vineyard?

Behold, I knew that all the fruit of the vineyard, save it were these, had become corrupted. And now these which have once brought forth good fruit have also become corrupted; and now all the trees of my vineyard are good for nothing save it be to be hewn down and cast into the fire.

Jacob 5:41-42

Precept #3

Allow God’s nourishment to strengthen you and let you bring for good fruit to Him.

Do you recognize God’s nourishment in your life? What impact does it have on you? What could He do more to persuade you to believe in Him, trust Him, and follow Him?

Passage #4

And thou beheldest that I also cut down that which cumbered this spot of ground, that I might plant this tree in the stead thereof.

Jacob 5:44

Precept #4

Don’t take for granted the things God does for your happiness and growth.

Do you know and recognize those things God has done so you can be happy, healthy, and “bring forth much fruit?” Do you thank Him for it? What do you do with the gifts He has given you?

Passage #5

And as they begin to grow ye shall clear away the branches which bring forth bitter fruit, according to the strength of the good and the size thereof; and ye shall not clear away the bad thereof all at once, lest the roots thereof should be too strong for the graft, and the graft thereof shall perish, and I lose the trees of my vineyard.

For it grieveth me that I should lose the trees of my vineyard; wherefore ye shall clear away the bad according as the good shall grow, that the root and the top may be equal in strength, until the good shall overcome the bad, and the bad be hewn down and cast into the fire, that they cumber not the ground of my vineyard; and thus will I sweep away the bad out of my vineyard.

Jacob 5:65-66

Precept #5

When repenting or changing something about yourself, take it by degrees. Don’t try and tackle it all at once, but take it one step at a time as your “roots” and “branches” have balanced strength to manage.

Have you ever tried changing a long held habit cold turkey? How did it go? How long did it last? What would happen if you made the process a little more manageable, taking it one step at a time until your body caught up with your mind and will?

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