Abiding Precepts – Mosiah 1

Read the full chapter here: Mosiah 1

Passage #1

And it came to pass that he had three sons; and he called their names Mosiah, and Helorum, and Helaman. And he caused that they should be taught in all the language of his fathers, that thereby they might become men of understanding; and that they might know concerning the prophecies which had been spoken by the mouths of their fathers, which were delivered them by the hand of the Lord.

And he also taught them concerning the records which were engraven on the plates of brass, saying: My sons, I would that ye should remember that were it not for these plates, which contain these records and these commandments, we must have suffered in ignorance, even at this present time, not knowing the mysteries of God.

Mosiah 1:2-3

Precept #1

Be a person of understanding. Learn as much as you can – including the prophecies and revelations of God in the holy scriptures.

What is the highest level of formal education you have achieved? What as included in that education? How do you continue to educate yourself on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? How does your spiritual education play a role?

Passage #2

And now, my sons, I would that ye should remember to search them diligently, that ye may profit thereby; and I would that ye should keep the commandments of God, that ye may prosper in the land according to the promises which the Lord made unto our fathers.

Mosiah 1:7

Precept #2

Search the scriptures diligently so you can keep the commandments of God.

How diligent are you at searching the writings God has given us to study?

Passage #3

And moreover, I shall give this people a name, that thereby they may be distinguished above all the people which the Lord God hath brought out of the land of Jerusalem; and this I do because they have been a diligent people in keeping the commandments of the Lord.

Mosiah 1:11

Precept #3

Diligently keep the commandments of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

What does it mean to be diligent? How does that reflect on your obedience to the commandments?

Passage #4

And I give unto them a name that never shall be blotted out, except it be through transgression.

Mosiah 1:12

Precept #4

Once you have taken on yourself the name of Christ don’t choose to do things that will cause Him to take His name away from you.

What does it mean to transgress? How often do you transgress God’s laws? What impact does it have on your relationship with Heavenly Father and the Savior?

Passage #5

. . . and the ball or director, which led our fathers through the wilderness, which was prepared by the hand of the Lord that thereby they might be led, every one according to the heed and diligence which they gave unto him.

Mosiah 1:16

Precept #5

Give all the heed and diligence you can to the voice of the Holy Ghost and the instructions He gives you.

Do you follow every prompting from the Holy Ghost or do you ignore the ones which don’t seem important?

Bonus Passage

And now, it came to pass that Mosiah went and did as his father had commanded him, and proclaimed unto all the people who were in the land of Zarahemla that thereby they might gather themselves together, to go up to the temple to hear the words which his father should speak unto them.

Mosiah 1:18

Bonus Precept

Go to the temple frequently to hear the word of God.

When did you last go to the temple? Did you hear Him speaking to you things that are important for you to know and live by?

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