A Very Rusty Christmas

I work in an industry and place where by and large most people have abandoned faith and routinely reject and sometimes ridicule the existence of God or role of Jesus Christ in our lives. And yet – to my great surprise – some of those people are the most excited about Christmas. They’ve gone out and dumped lots of money into presents for friends and family which they plan to open with each other on the day designated by the western, Christian-influenced world as the day intended to be a memorial and celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. And I am astonished that people who I know to be so adamantly opposed to God, Jesus Christ and religion in general would even desire to follow a practice and celebrate a holiday intended to point our minds to the Savior and His atonement.

But then I realize this shouldn’t be all that surprising to me because rust is everywhere, and this holiday – once intended for sacred remembrance – is no exception.

Somehow it seems especially easy for stuff like Christmas to develop the most rust as tradition takes over and even begins to mask or make us forget the initial intent for the celebration. And there are loads of other holidays, celebrations and ceremonies that can replace Christmas in that sentence, so don’t think I’m singling out only Christmas and Christianity.

Our western society is so motivated by self these days it’s not surprising that we would allow, perhaps even encourage this “holy day” and what it was instituted to mean to rust almost beyond recognition.

And so I present to you “A Christmas Sacrifice.” May it remind you of the reason we have a Christmas at all and the symbolic meaning of all the gifts we give each year at this time.

Merry Russty Christmas 🙂

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