Abiding Precepts – 1 Nephi 5

Read the full chapter here: 1 Nephi 5

Passage #1

. . . and she also had complained against my father, telling him that he was a visionary man; . . . And it had come to pass that my father spake unto her, saying: I know that I am a visionary man; for if I had not seen the things of God in a vision I should not have known the goodness of God . . .

1 Nephi 5:2-4

Precept #1

Stand firm in the knowledge God has given you. Nothing can change the truth and reality of your own personal experiences.

What experiences have you had with Heavenly Father or the Savior that give you strength to stand firm in your faith, even when the people closest to you might stand against you?

Passage #2

Now I know of a surety that the Lord hath commanded my husband to flee into the wilderness.

1 Nephi 5:8

Precept #2

Take responsibility for gaining and maintaining our own personal testimony. It is not enough to rely on those around you.

How have you gone about gaining your testimony? What do you need to do now to help it grow stronger?

Passage #3

And after they had given thanks unto the God of Israel, my father, Lehi, took the records which were engraven upon the plates of brass, and he did search them from the beginning.

1 Nephi 5:10

Precept #3

Search the scriptures. And don’t forget to start with a prayer.

Do you begin studying your scriptures with a prayer asking Heavenly Father to show you what He’s trying to tell you? How does this change your study? How has it changed your life?

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