Abiding Precepts – 1 Nephi 7

Read the full chapter here: 1 Nephi 7

Passage #1

. . . how is it that ye are so hard in your hearts, and so blind in your minds . . .

1 Nephi 7:8

Precept #1

Choose to soften your hearts and open your eyes to allow you to believe that the Lord is in the details of your life and to see His hand everywhere you go.

What has the Lord, Jesus Christ, done for you today? This week? This year?

Passage #2

And it came to pass that they were sorrowful, because of their wickedness, insomuch that they did bow down before me, and did plead with me that I would forgive them of the thing that they had done against me.

. . . and I did exhort them that they would pray unto the Lord their God for forgiveness. And it came to pass that they did so.

1 Nephi 7:20-21

Precept #2

Recognize when you have or are doing something wrong. Seek forgiveness of those you have wronged. Then seek forgiveness of God.

When did you last repent of something you did wrong? What impact did it have on you and your happiness? How about those to whom you needed to be reconciled?

Passage #3

And it came to pass that I did frankly forgive them all that they had done . . .

1 Nephi 7:21

Precept #3

Forgive. Everyone who harms you in any way. Intentional. Unintentional. Forgive them no matter the cost.

How has forgiving others brought freedom to your life and soul?

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